Innovation in Architecture & Design- International convention

מאת: | צילום: | 28/04/2014

Innovation in Architecture & Design- International convention organized by "Bait & Noy" Avenue congress hall, Tel Aviv, December 10th 2014

The convention will focus on the architectural scene in a world of advanced technology, the changes within this reality and their influences.

The convention will host professionals from Israel and around the world, who will present Their approaches and highlight different aspects of contemporary Architecture.


Among the topics to be covered

  • New technologies as a challenging tool in the world of today's Architecture
  • Revolution of materials- The contribution of new sophisticated materials for expanding planning ideas and opportunities
  • Smart cities- Facing the future
  • Sustainability and responsibility in 21 century Architecture
  • Tradition and futurism in an interdisciplinary era

The audience

Architects, Interior designers, engineers, industrial designers, project managers, representatives of relevant bodies (governmental, municipal), representatives of relevant academic departments, etc.



















































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